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Ceramic Sculptures

Each piece is available with any of the animals in the image gallery. This collection offers an incredible number of choices . . . a really amazing menagerie is possible!
Mixing Bowl
Centerpiece Bowl

Dinner Plate
Luncheon Plate
Dessert Plate
Pasta Bowl
Mini Vase

Soup Bowl
Small Bowl
Baby Mug
Deluxe Mug
Egg Cup

5" Cat / Toy Dog Feeder
Wide Cat Feeder

Small Pet Feeder / Cereal Bowl
(with inside image)
(without inside image)

Medium Dog Feeder / Medium Serving Bowl
(with inside
(without inside image)

Large Dog Feeder / Large Serving Bowl
(with inside image)
(without inside image)

Honey Pot
Cookie Jar
Utensil Holder

Large Spoon Rest
Spoon Rest
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Sugar Jar

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