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Helpful Products

Cleaning Products

There is absolutely no need to expose our pets and families to toxic chemical cleaners.  Here are some great choices for safely and thoroughly cleaning our living and work spaces. 

These items are organic and formulated from the latest and safest natural technologies available.

Used in environmentally-sensitive places like the Deaconness Hospital (Boston) Neo-natal Unit and Canyon Ranch spas, these products will make you feel so much better about cleaning!

Cleaner Odor and Stain Remover

Organic Odor & Stain Remover:

Natural enzymes work until all traces of even the toughest pet odor or stain is elminated.  It will not harm carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabrics, our pets, or ourselves. 

For best results with odors, spray or pour liberally on affected area.  Do not blot.  Allow to dry.

For best results with stains, spray directly on affected area, agitate or rub, blot with clean white terrycloth towel.  If stain is not completely gone within 48 hours, retreat.

Ingredients:  a blend of enzymes, biocatalysts, organic surfactants, and organic cleaning agents.

16 ounces, unscented.  $ 9.95.

Organic All-purpose Cleaner: 

Fresh smelling and gentle, this wonderful cleaner really works and can be used on any surface in your home.  Our cleaner causes no harm and does the job it's meant to do--safely and naturally!

Ingredients:  food-grade natural surfactants from U.S. grown corn, cocoylamide (coconut), palm fatty acids, natural spring water, and organic lemon oil, lavendar, and/or tea tree oil.

16 ounces, lightly scented.  $ 10.95

Good Dog Candles

Keep your dog and your home smelling fresh with this delightful blend of amber, vanilla and lavender. Warm, woodsy, and playful, it's a unisex fragrance for a very good dog! All natural and made here in the USA.

Good Dog Collection

Use the Good Dog diffusers and all-natural soy candles in any room for a fresh, clean scent. Lavendar helps us all to relax, so enjoy . . .
Good Dog Diffuser
Good Dog Diffuser 8 oz. - $43.95.
Good Dog Candle in Glass
Good Dog Candle in Glass 7 oz. - $24.95.
Good Dog Candle in Tin
Good Dog Candle in Tin 5 oz. - $12.95.

Use the Good Dog Linen Spray with its odor neutralizing properties for the dog's bed. Your dog will be relaxed and refreshed!
Good Dog Linen Spray
Good Dog Linen Spray 16 oz. - $16.95.

A mild unisex cleanser that will remove dirt while leaving behind moisture and essential oils.
Good Dog Conditioning Shampoo
Good Dog Conditioning Shampoo 16 oz. $19.95.
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